Saturday, June 05, 2010

The best beading how-to manual...ev-ah!

Okay, it's not fancy at all but here at Ornamentea we really like the Elizabeth Ward book, Guide to Bead Stringing. The book is filled with simple black-and-white drawings covering techniques like french wire finishing, looping head pins, and opening and closing jump rings. The french wire finishing technique illustration and directions make this professional repair technique easy to understand. There are no project ideas at all in the book just excellent technical drawings and clear and simple instructions.

We recommend this book to almost any beginner in our shop and to anyone who wants a good resource for last-minute, late-night 'wait, how do I do this?' questions. I also recommend it to anyone who is selling their work and wants a resource to use when training production staff.

You can purchase this book for just $7.00 on line or in our's the link.