Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Money-Making item for your summer shows...

Are you doing shows this summer? Are you worried about the economy in your part of the country effecting show-goers spending? Well, folks may be a bit more reluctant to open their wallets than in past years and you might be right to worry. I have spoken to a few artists in the past weeks who are considering marking down their signature work to make sales. I hate to see this happen. Moving your prices up and down from show-to-show is confusing to customers and annoying to you. You lose money and collectors of your work lose faith in what you are doing. I prefer to see artists use their creative energy to make one-off pick up items that can help plump up your inventory at a lower price point. Simplified construction, less-expensive materials and even odd color choices can be okay for these pick up items.

This quick-to-make jewelry item just might help pay your booth fees or at least your bar tab!

Pick up one or two of our Sports Charm Assortments and make simple necklace with a single sports charm and a bead on a square jump ring. Put the jump ring on a yard of waxed linen, colored leather or thin cording. Cost to you: around $1.50 and four minutes of your time. You can sell these for $5-7 (depending on the cord and the bead...)

The pewter sports charms are made in the U.S.A. of lead-free pewter and the square jump rings are made in the U.S.A. of brass wire. Brass is a nickle-free alloy of copper and zinc and patinas naturally to a warm golden sheen.

Other items that I have heard folks say 'pay their booth fees' at summer shows:
  • Wire-wrapped bead rings made from non-tarnish, silver-plated wire and mis-matched beads in a variety of sizes.
  • Beaded pony-tail holders with wired-on filigree or metal stampings.
  • Simple earrings made with a single bead on a headpin...these will use up 'extra' beads and are a great add-on to a sale
  • Beaded key chains or badge lanyards
  • Cufflinks made with buttons or resined images (great for Father's Day!
Some of these ideas may be more in keeping with what you sell. All of these ideas could be made your own by using your signature color palette or metal finishes.

Do you have any other great money makers for summer shows? Ahhh, of course you do. If you are smart, you won't share them here...