Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Beads from Elaine Ray

These new beads are on their way from the studio of Elaine Ray. They are created with colored porcelain clay and each bead is rolled by hand. The swirled porcelain clay is called murrini and it is created by carefully mixing differently toned clays without mixing the colors.

Here's what Elaine has to say about the beads:
A couple of years ago I took a class with Chris Campbell, a nationally recognized potter who works with colored porcelain clay. The murrinis I made in class were destined to become plates, bowls and vases although those items never quite materialized and the clay sat idle with all its lovely potential wrapped in damp cloths and plastic. I realized that if I was ever going to set that clay free it would have to be in bead form. Each bead is hand-rolled with attention given to balance the colors of clay. This leads the beads to be a bit non-uniform in size, but uniform in pretty. Visit Chris Campbell's website for more information on colored porcelain at ccpottery.com

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