Tuesday, July 13, 2010

furry friends

I know you've read all my chat about my chickens and they are my 'favorite' pets for many reasons but I am also a fan of furrier friends. I've loved dogs and cats and I know that some day my family will probably include another four-pawed member. Right now, with my girls young and a business to run the chickens are just perfect for us.

This doesn't mean that my daughters don't long for a dog. They do. They petition, beg, plead, supplicate and engage in every other form of persuasive discourse. When their pleas get very bad we visit the SPCA so they can pet some fur and enjoy the company of dogs. I know it seems like that would make our puppy-longing worse, but it actually helps.

On one of our recent visits a lovely volunteer recognized us and began telling me about the volunteer program. Well, actually what she did was hand me a pamphlet about the volunteer program and say (to my seven-year-old daughter) 'Our volunteer program is open to anyone seven or older, how old are you?' Sparkles. Fireworks. Joy.

That is how I found myself in a classroom at the SPCA last Saturday morning listening to the beginnings of the volunteer orientation. I learned about the incredibly important role of volunteers in the organization and about how they contribute to the daily life of the animals before they find their 'Forever Homes.' I learned about how volunteers work with the dogs and cats, bunnies and rats to keep them socialized, stimulated and stroked. I was really impressed with all that the organization does to put these homeless animals into good homes. No, I didn't leave with a dog but I did leave with a schedule of dates for my daughter and I to go scoop some litter, wash some windows, toss some balls and even fold some laundry. We can hardly wait to help!

For more information about the SPCA please visit their website.
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