Tuesday, June 08, 2010

sale stones picture

Okay, because of popular demand I am posting a picture here of SOME of the stones that are available at 75% off original price to folks who come in with their beadfreak card and ask for the beadfreak Deal Of The Week at Ornamentea. No, we can't hold anything. Yes, you can call us and purchase them over the phone but no, we don't take returns on sale merchandise. Just come in to the store...really, that's the best way.

Oh, this is the biggest size I can make this image here on Blogger inside my post. Visit this page to see it in expandable glory...

and remember, this offer expires on Monday, June 14th or when the stones sell out...

and no, beadfreak, you can NOT have punches on your card for the stones you purchase!
that would totally be double-dipping!

see you soon-Cynthia

Added on Wednesday at around 2:29:
The stones pictured are (I think, I am adding this at home, the next day...) 1. Green Aragon Quartz, 2. Botswana Agate, 3. Grossular Garnet, 4. Cubic Zirconia, 5. Quartz, 6. Petrified Wood, 7. Apple or other Jasper, 8. Sunstone, 9. Florite, 10. Ametrine, 11. Red Tiger Eye, 12. Assorted graduated stone rounds, 6-18 mm, 13. Tiger Eye, 14. AA Garnet (other sizes, too) 15. Florite, 15. Garnet very dark red, 17. Purple mystery stone (?) 18. Agate, 19. Faceted Tiger Iron, 20. Botswana Agate, 21. Green Aragon Quartz, 22. Kyanite? maybe? 23. Sunstone, 24. Labradorite, 25. Tiger Eye. There are many others we did not picture. When we took this picture the store was pretty mobbed and we only photoed the stones where we had multiple strands. While we were VERY busy yesterday there are still some strands left, particularly the more unusual items.