Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mica Glimmer Bangle

Do you love mica? I do. Actually, a lot of us here do. For pete's sake, it's a ROCK and you can see through it. What's not to love?

This bracelet uses mica tags hidden in a ribbon puff. The mica glimmers like shards of glass within the fraying ribbon bits. The back of the bracelet is constructed with vintage buttons that slide and move a bit. The buttons provide a bit of counterweight to the puff and make the bracelet more comfortable.

Read the entire tutorial here. Find mica tags here, the wire here, the ribbon here, the buttons here, and the bee hive bead cones here.
Have you made something out of mica? You can send us a photo and enter to win our Mica Craft Challenge through 8/31/10. We'll draw one winner at random from all the entries to receive a $25 store gift certificate. Enter here or post your pictures on the facebook page.