Sunday, November 21, 2010

Regretsy, when the usual handcrafted gift just won't do

One day last year a friend sent me a link to a site called Regretsy. I clicked on the link to see some vagina jewelry featured. Or maybe it was a chicken sweater or knitted tampon cozy. I don't remember, it is all a funny blur. The very funny Helen Killer (April Winchell) selected the very best of the worst on Etsy and featured the items on her site. Tampon earrings. Vampire wedding couples made out of clay flowerpots and glued-on pom-poms. She skewers the very oddest, the worst, the craziest in Indie Crafts on post after post. The site is not to be read at work, or with your children, or with anyone who has thin skin. The crafters that are skewered often sell their work fast to hipsters who purchase the oddities to hang ironically on their living room walls or (in the case of a few wearables) to don for their ironic wedding photos.

Before you think April Winchell is evil, she is a person who admits to loving the weird. She also admits to making wicked fun of people who forget to use spell-check, who make something in 5 minutes and want to sell it for $100 and to people who glue pipe-cleaners and plastic sequins on old cheese graters and call it Steampunk.

Now there is a Regretsy book. We got the book in and I browsed through it and laughed but I have to admit I didn't read it cover-to-cover. I did bring one home, because that is exactly the kind of book I want to have in my living room. One evening I was leafing through the book looking for design inspiration and I saw that a print that I have (unironically) hanging on the wall of my studio is featured in the book.
Now, exactly what is odd or humorous about a bowl of brussel sprouts and doll heads, I ask you?

You can get the book here. It is very funny and would be a great gift for your favorite etsian.