Monday, February 07, 2011

New Silhouettes Template

We have some really, really pretty silhouettes now available on the website. They are perfect for our bezels and cab settings, or you could put them in lockets. I love the classic look of a silhouette. I remember as a child sitting on a stool, trying so hard to be still, as a light was aimed at my profile and an artist traced my image onto paper. I'm pretty sure I wiggled a good bit, but I do remember that my profile looked perfect when it had been cut out of black paper. I think my hair had even been tidied up a tad.

In addition to the silhouettes we also have a video showing you how to use ecopoxycraftresin to affix images and sparkly crystals to bezels and the picture above to see it all!

Thanks to Alison for creating these sweet silhouettes...