Tuesday, March 08, 2011

My own 365 project...

Are you aware of all the 365 blogs and tumblr and flickr groups out there? The idea behind them is to document something for 365 days (a whole year.) These have been around for a while. There are cooking 365s and snapshot 365s and I even saw one once about socks. Often, you will see a 365 started and then abandoned mid-way through the year. I can understand that. Regular blogging is hard work.

We were discussing 365s at work and I remarked that the only thing I could do for 365 days was to wear a different necklace. Every day. I wasn't kidding. After 17 years of making jewelry for a living (in one way or another) I am not proud to admit that I have a crazy amount of necklaces. They are a bulky, noisy, sparkly portfolio of my work. I usually end up wearing the same few for a while and then replacing them with new favorites. Committing to wearing, and photoing, a different one every day for a year would be a good way to make me wear them and a good opportunity for me to remember my design work.

So, I'm doing it. You can see my necklaces at 365necklaces.com.There's a new one, every day.