Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Trace Evidence Symposium artist Marian Bijlenga

The Trace Evidence Fiber Arts Symposium is coming up at NCSU and I'm excited. The exhibit, Traces is currently running at the Gregg Museum of Art & Design (and it's amazing) but the weekend of panel discussions, fashion shows, gallery visits and receptions will provide attendees with a look at how fiber arts are uniquely suited to project and discuss current events and trends.

One of the artists I am most excited about meeting is Marian Bijlenga. A native of Holland, her work involves very detailed layering and stitching of miniscule amounts of threads and fibers. I hesitate to call them weavings, although she certainly weaves in her work. They are more like paintings suspended on air. This photo is a poor representative of the detail and scale of the work at the Gregg now. Both large and somehow intimate, it is is a very compelling piece that begs to be stared at for long periods.

If you are interested in joining me for the any of the events at the symposium, please visit the Gregg's site here.
The symposium is March 24th-26th.
Learn more about Marian Bijlenga here on her website.

The Gregg hours are here. The show is free and well worth the visit.