Friday, May 27, 2011

This is an end detail from a vintage necklace I purchased years ago.

I was very interested in the way the necklace was constructed. It is a larger-sized ball chain (maybe a 5 or 6?) in brass wrapped with a spiral of seed beads. The seed beads seem to be strung on really small memory-wire. Way smaller than ring size. I wondered at this for a long time until I realized it was probably just a mechanical spring of some kind, stretched out and strung with the seed beads. The whole necklace is finished at each end with deep brass caps and there is a hook and a beaded chain for the closure. The necklace is a bit short on me, I'm not much of a choker wearer right now, but the technique could be easily adapted for a longer necklace or a bracelet.

To see the more shots of the whole necklace visit my other blog, 365necklaces and look for the May 24th post.