Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jewelry Storage Ideas...around the home

I love this image I saw on the Art Bead Scene blog. That is EXACTLY what my house looks like. Okay, well, I do have a frame with necklaces pinned up in it. Okay, the frame is just a cork bulletin board (not pretty picture frames with nice cloth)  and it's 3x4 feet wide (not dainty and artfully arranged)  and it has at least 150 necklaces on it (not just a few, elegantly edited) but other than that it is the EXACT same...

I do get a lot of questions about how I store all my jewelry. My other blog, 365necklaces means I can't display them in this artful way as I have to sort them into Worn and Pending.* I love the idea of putting jewelry out there where you can see it as the art it is.

Go read the post here on the Art Bead Scene for some other good storage ideas that put the jewelry on display.

*I am wearing a different necklace every day for a year. I post a daily picture. At least, I take a daily picture, I post them when I get around to it.