Monday, November 07, 2011

Raleigh's Holiday Shopping Passport

Don't forget to ask us for a Shop Downtown Raleigh passport the next time you are in the store. This fun contest is back again this year with GREAT prize packages, including a swanky gift basket from us! There will be 5 winners in all with the prize packages all worth at least $250! I can't enter, but you should!
It's easy, just stop in to Ornamentea (or any of the participating stores) and you can pick up a card and a map. The card has 5 $20 spots on it and you get a sticker for each $20 you spend at a participating retailer. You can fill your card up right here at Ornamentea if you want! 

The contest continues through December 24th and the winners will be notified on January 3rd and notified by email. Click here for more details.