Friday, November 11, 2011

New Tutorial - Woven Bead Collar

There is a new tutorial up for you today and let me just say it was HARD to write. This is actually not hard to do, but the directions involve an awful lot of 'loop through to point (B) and then through to point (C)' kinda stuff that makes my head spin. I have to tip my hat to the talented artists like Kathy King and Marsha DeCoster. 

This necklace is made up in round Czech druk beads but you could use Swarovski crystals, or pearls. I am kinda having a love-affair with druks right now. They work really well in designs where you want to see the design, not the bead. You could make this bracelet in colors to match the necklace, by the way. 

And right now I want to go make a version of this necklace in black pretty would that be?