Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Day crafts for the whole family

I write about this every year. I can't help it. Somehow spending a whole day in the kitchen, drinking red wine and sprinkling sage on anything that doesn't move makes me want to be crafty. I take that feeling out on my dinner guests. I call it Forced Crafting.

Since they come back each year, I guess they like it, too.

If you are spending Thanksgiving with family and want to do something other than talk about politics or football or, heaven forbid, hit the 'early bird' sales, you need to craft. It's the best option. After the dinner is over just commandeer the dining table for an hour or two of MAKING THINGS. Your family and guests will thank you.

I promise.


Try making decopatched soap dispensers. Load up on some inexpensive pump-style soaps and get a mix of decopatch papers and glue. Cover the dining room table with an old shower curtain. Turn on some jazzy music. Get your uncle to do the paper-tearing, and let the kids cover the bottles in glue. Watch this video to prep for the experience. These make good teacher gifts, by the way!

Warning: this IS messy. Fun, but MESSY.

Create tiny snowman ornaments. This project is not messy. This project involves sticking a piece of wire through some felt balls. And using a permanent marker. These tiny snowmen are perfect for tying on gifts or just hanging around the house as snow-day good luck charms. See the tutorial for info. 

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