Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gratitude and Creamed Spinach

I'm so grateful-

I personally love Thanksgiving. I like the cooking, I like the day off with the family. I like the fall colors and the easy way this holiday can expand or contract to be whatever you need. Gratitude can occur in many settings. For some, the expansive table must be perfectly set with crystal and china, placecards and an enormous bird. For others, the emphasis is different and the food is served up to just one or two diners, the day devoted to a movie marathon, or a run in the park, or a visit with a friend. No matter what you need or want to express your day of gratitude, Thanksgiving will accommodate it. Oyster stuffing? Yes. Tofurky? Sure. Hotdogs on a campfire? Yep. Thanksgiving can occur over any plate, with any filling.

Like sweet potato latkes. This year, we have Thankshanukkah, or Hanugiving. It's a rare occurrence when these two holidays, both with a focus on gratitude and wonder, are aligned. At our house, we are going to make our regular Thanksgiving items, but my girls both have heard about this alignment and so we may try to add a potato pancake or three. We don't usually celebrate Hanukkah (unless we are visiting friends) so this will be a new addition to our table. I think the discussion of the temple oil, and how fried foods are a treat in so many parts of the world, will be a nice addition to the conversation as we gather round the table.

I sort of think that's the point of Thanksgiving, adding and changing the items we expect on the table, being grateful for it all. When I married my husband, his family always had creamed spinach at Thanksgiving. I grew up in a family that only ate spinach raw, in salads, so that was very odd to me. It took me a few years, and a several attempts at trying it, to learn to love creamed spinach. Now I look forward to making it and I'm grateful for the addition to my palate.

Of course, Ornamentea will be closed on Thursday. Our staff and families will be home or with family, enjoying their day. We'll have lots of classes and four exciting Make-n-takes for you over the weekend, but on Thursday, we'll all be grateful for time with those we love. Shopping can wait.  One of the things I will be most grateful for on Thursday is you. Ornamentea is now going on our 14th year and we couldn't do it without the customer support we enjoy. I really do feel oh so grateful to our customers. 

Thank you-
Happy Thanksgiving!