Monday, January 27, 2014

I love this...

We've been working for the past few weeks to change up the store. I LOVE this. Really, moving and shaking things up at the shop is one of my most favorite things.
I really like our (returning) seating area for visitors. This is for Mike, and everyone else who always says 'why did you get rid of the couch?' Those fab orange mid-century chairs are for sale...unless I buy them and take them home myself. Don't worry, if that happens we'll replace them. The return of the seating area has been much needed. 
We also have lots of new decor items that make me smile. Like this little metal dog. He's very noble, don't you think? He's guarding that vintagey floral jewelry holder, it seems quite safe with him on duty. 
This nifty tool chest is an ideal item for your studio...
Even the mix table got a make-over! 

We aren't done yet. There are still two mysterious new things coming to Ornamentea. Next time you stop in, look for the empty orange picture frame and see if you can guess what will go into it.