Saturday, October 25, 2014

Almost-last minute costume help

This beer, the Troeg's Troegenator, is one of our beers at Pop-Up Sunday this weekend. I think that the troll face on the box is exactly the right size for a troll mask...and I'll have an ex-acto knife for you at the beer tent if you want to make one. He's printed in lovely colors and is just scary enough.

And the beer's pretty good! Come try one. All our beer donations on Sunday will go to Urban Ministries for their work with folks in need of health care and food. UM of Wake County serves some of the most needy families around us and they do it with an amazing ability to put almost every donated penny into client services, not fancy cars for their executives. I like that in a charity!

So, back to masks...

I'll see you Sunday at Pop-Up Vintage Market. 

Thanks to Troeg's beer and RA Jeffreys for keeping us in beer in each month at Pop-Up.