Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October is fabulous - the newsletter note from Cynthia

the weather is perfect - 

Really, it is.

That blue sky. Those golden leaves. The sunlight slanting down. 

Magical. This swift shift from hot to cold that we make here in North Carolina always leaves me a bit befuddled. Not only is my wardrobe not up to the task of cold mornings and hot afternoons, but my brain can't quite handle it. I think the beauty of the out-of-doors world just slows me down a bit. I try to spend as many moments under that blue sky as I possibly can. Soon enough, the rains of winter will chase us indoors. 

If you are like me, and you love this October sky, you'll want to join us for Pop-Up Sunday this week. We have some fab vintage vendors (maybe they can help me with the wardrobe issue?) There will be traditional Mexican tacos from Taco Grande, and Asian-inspired tacos from Bam Pow Chow. We'll be raising money for Urban Ministries free health clinic with donations for beer from Troeg's brewing ( a new craft beer in the Raleigh area, come try it out! ) Inside the store, Lisa Daly will be having her last NC bead trunk show. Come tell her how rainy it will be in Portland. She loves to hear that! Get all the Pop Up details here. 

Also on Sunday, our neighbors over at Seaboard Station will be hosting Down By The Tracks #13, a fundraiser for the SPCA with dog-friendly games, live music and more. It will be a perfect day. I can't wait. 

Before Sunday's fun, we have loads of new crafty items. We've gotten in some new fibers that I'd love your opinion about; there are many styles and we'll carry some but I'm not sure which to pick. There are also stones, druzy beads, and more. Check out the pics below. 

All this, under a sky that is going to be bluer than ever. 

P.S. Our $20 gift certificate winner from the Handmade Holiday party was Pam Carroll. Pam, if you are reading this, I've already written you a gift certificate. Let out a little yelp of joy! Tell a friend you won! Way to go! 
The winner of the early RSVP $20 gift certificate was Courtney Branch. Courtney, if you are reading this, I've already written YOU a gift certificate! Cheer! Say wowzaa! High five someone!
Thanks to everyone who came out Friday night, and a special thanks to April fromhappyfoodwine Her delish treats and spiced pear martinis made the night even better!