Thursday, May 21, 2015

Birthday Parties at Ornamentea

Our shop hosts LOTS of birthday parties. We always get excited when we see the guests arrive to the decorated classroom. We know that they will have a great time creating hand-made crafts while celebrating a friend's milestone.

One of the things that sets our parties apart is the projects. Unlike some of the big-box craft stores, our jewelry projects are made with designer-quality ingredients. Time and again we hear the moms say 'I can't believe how nice this jewelry is!' after their daughters are finished. We can't help it; we aren't a junky craft supply store! That means you won't have to find a place to display yet another foam-sticker-coated picture frame or tacky glued-together pipe cleaner creation after the party. Since I'm a mom, I understand that once the kiddo MAKES the craft, they will want to KEEP the craft.

We do parties for all ages - from decoupage for the youngest ones to more involved beading or paper crafts for elementary-agers, to 'whoa, that's a blowtorch!' silver smithing parties for teens and adults.

Some party specifics:
we can accommodate up to 12 in our classroom
we only make you pay for the guests who show up!
our party fees include the room use, an instructor, use of all the tools and supplies for each project
we have a lovely parking lot right next to our building - no parking garage hassle!

Want more info? Check out our parties page here.