Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Newsletter Message; cats and dogs

Good morning. I'm a bit late today. My bed was too compelling, and every time I thought about getting up, one of my dogs would shoot me a look that clearly said 'Lie down, good girl!'

I've had a lot of pets throughout my life. My husband and I bonded during our first (blind) date by talking about how much we hated cats, how weirdly obsessive their owners were, how they shed everywhere and didn't come when you called them. We kept tropical fish in a giant aquarium that dwarfed our miniscule apartment. After we married (it was a good blind date) we moved to Texas and became the obsessive owners of a cat who came when she was called and had the ability to shed in places you were pretty sure she had never been. We liked to refer to our dating days as 'when we used to hate cats' as we built elaborate cat play structures out of empty cardboard boxes. Finally, we had to admit we are both just animal people. Over the years our family has included chickens, hermit crabs and bees, although I'm not sure I'd classify the last as pets. Now we have two dogs who take up more bed space than my husband or I are happy with. We amuse ourselves by talking in the dogs voices. 

I can't imagine not having a pet. 

If you have a vacancy in the pet department, we will have adoptable kitties at Pop-Up Sunday this weekend. The fine folks from Safe Haven for Cats, a very lovely group, will have some of their favorite cats here for you to meet. Even if your house zoo is full, you can come by and drink an Abita beer, eat a taco and help raise some money for the cats. Find out about our Pop-Up vendors here. 

This week at the shop we are putting out a collection of old trade beads and stones purchased from an estate. So far we've unboxed some very old Czech glass cabochons, odd rhinestones and a selection of glass eyes (the hand-worked kind on wires) and old rhinestone set beads. I'll post pictures on facebook and instagram as I get the items put out. 

If you haven't yet purchased your tickets to Redress Raleigh on May 29th, hurry up. They are on sale here. We are excited to see the work of Ornamentea staff member Maria Juri and customer Rock Kershaw in the fashion will be good!

I'll see you soon-


  • we have new vintage crystals in the mix bowl, including larger sizes you want for setting in solder, beaded bezels and more
  • new shell strands are perfect for beachy earrings
  • we've restocked the U.S.A. made plated wire...hurry before it sells out again
  • there is still a nice selection of 50% off stone strands available; Peruvian opal, smokey quartz, amethyst, jade, hematite and more. Very pretty strands, very nicely priced.
  • rawhide mallets, fine jeweler's files, pumice-filled soldering pans and other bench tools have been restocked

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