Friday, February 19, 2016

Cynthia! You are closing! What should I stock up on?

Oh, I know the feeling. Trust me, I have that same feeling.

What should you get from Ornamentea before we are gone?

Here are my top pics and why they are on the list:

1.your favorite chain - many of our chains (most of them) are exclusive to us and you know they are the best quality you can get. Stock up, buttercup. Buy a whole roll (600 inches) and save the most.

2.your favorite jump rings - our jump rings are (mostly) made just for us by a company I've used for years. They are the BEST and are sturdy and well-plated. Don't run out of them next week, get a LOT.

3.your favorite filigree and stampings - again, many of these are made just because we order them. They aren't 'stock' items anywhere. If you love one of them, lots, then clean us out of it.

4.that one weird thing you've had your eye on. It may never pass your way again...act now, lest you forever regret that bead you did not buy. Ornamentea keepsake. We've got rulers, MUCH decor, chairs, tables, lamps, signs and frames. You can use the item in your home and remember the Big O. You'll love it...

You can order (almost) any of these things, right now, on our website and pick them up the store. We will punch your beadfreak card when you pick them up, and you'll know you actually have it.

Remember, our website will be in business, and items that sell out MAY be restocked, but I won't be in charge of the new owners. Not at all. They are the boss of themselves. I will be no one's boss (which I kinda am excited about!) Your fav jump rings or chain may not make the cut.

Stock up, buttercup.