Thursday, February 25, 2016

How the Closeout Works

The Closeout

Note: edited on March 12th to say - we are now at 40% off most items!

Closeout hours:

Monday - Friday 10-7

Saturday 10-6

Sunday 1-5

Closeout FAQs

how long will the closeout last? will you mark things down more than 20%?
Our Closeout will continue until we have sold everything. And I do mean everything...even the furniture. Even the lamps and the shelves and the tables. We will be open at least until the end of March, and probably a little longer. We will have further markdowns as the Closeout continues, subscribe to my email newsletter list at that link in the sidebar, or watch facebook or instagram to make sure you hear about that. 

why are you getting in new merchandise during the closeout?
Two reasons: I know you won't have a local bead store, so I am trying to give you some of the items I might have ordered and sold to you this year...pretty stuff I've been thinking about (like some fancy stones and pearls) and some personal favorites. Also, and this is the big one, while the store is closing, THE WEBSITE WILL REMAIN OPEN. The nice guy you see in the store right now, Jon, has purchased the site and will run it. He's got great taste in beads (check out all his pretty stones!) and I've known him for years. He's going to keep the Big O (website) going nicely. 
Because he's here, he's brought some of his favorite items that may end up on the site. During the closeout, they are on sale for you. After we close the Raleigh store, most of them will go back up to regular price. Stock up, buttercup!

what about your classes?
Our classes will run as scheduled. Most are full or filling fast, so sign up as soon as you can. 

how long will the Closeout really last?
We will be open for the Closeout through at least the end of March (we have classes scheduled!) and after that for a few weeks, probably. We are not reordering items that we don't need for classes, so that 'probably' is dependent on how fast we sell things. 

will you be getting new merchandise?
Yes, we will be adding some new items. We are scouring the beady world for good deals for you. I don't want to leave you without some special items to inspire you this the instagram and email for updates!

what's that about the website?
Our website has been sold and will continue to operate under the name The new owner will choose what items he wishes to restock, that won't be my decision. I do suggest purchasing everything you can now, while it's on sale. No, I cannot tell you where I got that thing you love. You'll have to order it on the site...

what is happening with this building?
Our building is up for sale for redevelopment. Contrary to the interview on WRAL where my quotes were rudely taken out of context to fit another story, our landlord has NOT priced us out of the building. They are the nicest, most supportive folks and have helped us in this business so much. I decided to close for personal reasons (see this blog post) and they decided to sell for personal reasons. End of story. See the WRAL interview here where my quote is mis-used. 

I want to buy some furniture that isn't priced yet, what do I do?
Wait. We will have furniture from our upstairs offices, our classrooms and our back rooms. If you wish to purchase classroom furniture and tools, those items will be available after we finish our currently scheduled classes. Other items may be available sooner, depending on when we get them priced and out. We cannot hold items, just watch our email for info about when they will be ready to purchase. Yes our outside planters will be for sale. Yes, the cash wrap counter is for sale. 

I live far away, can I help you with the Closeout?
Yes! If you are at a distance from our shop and usually purchase from us on-line, you can participate in the Closeout as well. Our entire web store is on sale, too. Just place your order and we'll deduct the 40% from your order when we ship. Please note that due to the high volume of orders and in-store customers we may be out of stock on select items. Please be patient with us. This is a crazy time here at the Big O.