Thursday, February 22, 2007

Exhibiting in a bead show...

So we decided to exhibit in a bead show, or rather, two bead shows, that are coming to the town where our stores are. The first show is going to happen in mid-March at the NC Fairgrounds and we will be there mainly as advertising for our stores. The table costs only $225 and that is way less than an ad in the local paper. We'll have some items to sell and will be telling everyone about our classes and workshops and even giving out some freebies to folks that wear our store shirts.

I have avoided this for a few years, mostly because of burnout from all the trade shows I used to do with Bedizen Ornaments. Now I am getting excited. I have that 'oh, let's have some set up fun!' itch. It really was fun setting up for shows. I would arrive in this huge trade show hall with only concrete floors, forklifts and lots and lots of boxes. Folks would be working and playing loud music and greeting friends who they hadn't seen since the last show. I would work for long hours until the booth was just right; often having to figure out a solution to an emergency problem at the last minute. I liked sitting down to lunch or dinner on the floor of the booth, eating deli take out and drinking beer. Then when it was all done we'd take on last long look and then head back to our hotel room to clean up and have a nice rest before the first day of the show. Ahh. Memories.

Well, it won't be quite like that at our show here in Raleigh. For one, I am pretty sure they won't let us drink beer during set up. Hmm, maybe I need to check in to that?