Saturday, February 24, 2007

Felted Wool Flower

I made this felted wool flower using the wooden handled needle felter and some looks a bit bright in this picture and it is bright in person, too. I made it by shaping the felt to the petal shapes and then just gently felting the wool. It is soft and very airy...usually I use the Clover felting tool but this time the wooden handle 'primitive' one worked better, I could get in to do details.

The flower will turn into a nice pin, I think, and makes me feel springy! I made it late last night when I couldn't sleep. That is one of my favorite things about felting. Unlike, say, metal work (hammers, torches, etc.) or paper crafts (big eyelet punches, hammers, etc.) it is QUIET.
So when I am awake long after the rest of the house is slumbering I can softly, quietly, just felt away.