Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Doin' the Store Shuffle

We did a bit of re-arranging at both of the stores this week. Well, in the case of Panopolie I am using the Royal We. Tracey (the store manager) did all the work. I just got to come in and say "oh, I love it!" At Ornamentea I got to actually hold a drill. That was nice.
I love to rearrange things in general. Before I had a store to play with my poor husband would come home and find that I had moved our entire house around while he was out. I did things like move the couches from room to room, switch the bedroom around, switch our kitchen table and chairs with the table and chairs from our porch. It helps that we basically have the same color scheme and decorating theme in every room in our house. I call it Flea Market, but a decorator friend told me once to call it a 'collected look' which makes it seem like I have a plan of some sort. Which, believe me, I do not. What I do have is a bunch of old, chipped and pre-loved furniture, way too many chairs and lots of old rugs.
Anyway, today we moved the Green Girl beads at Ornamentea from the wall where they have been to the other side of the store. I think that the space where they were got too much traffic, actually, and so we moved them. We were going to wait until we got a shipment in from the Green Girls but they have been so busy with travel and shows that we weren't sure when that would be. We moved the display this morning even though it was half empty and TA-DA we got a nice fat package from Asheville! Yipee! We still have more on the way and can hardly wait -Cynthia and Greg, not that I am begging!- but the display looks so much better already. We didn't get the fairy in the photo, but that is on the way.
Oh, are you confused as to why I said the space got 'too much traffic' ? Well, the old spot was right next to a door that we used to get from our back classroom to the store. It didn't get used all the time, but often you would see someone get interrupted while they were looking at the Green Girl beads. I think customers maybe didn't always spend enough time there. In the new spot, there is lots of space to enjoy the beads and relax. Plus there is room for more special fancy pendants like the ones I ordered at the last show. Again, that's not a hint, Greg and Cynthia, just letting you know!