Wednesday, June 20, 2007

love the Savvy Crafter

This is from Candi Cooper's new blog home, the Savvy Crafter. Note the sly use of felt balls, wonder where she got those? Hmmmmm...anyway, read her blog. She's in weird ingredient heaven, living in China right now and so she misses regular old craft supplies. Like, what, plain tape? Glue sticks that don't have pink glitter in them? I am not quite sure about that.
I was lucky enough to be in at the shop when she called about ordering some of our goodies and we had about a two hour conversation. Too bad we aren't in the same time zone, I am pretty sure we would have a good time playing together at a studio table.
I didn't ask Candi if I could post this picture here...actually, I am not sure if that is really polite in the blogosphere, but I am imagining that she will not mind. If you do mind, Candi, please feel free to appropriate my images at will.