Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Amy's Dragonflies

Our power went out in a big storm tonight and I tried to put two really hot children to bed for about an hour until magic daddy showed up and somehow got the big one down so peacefully. We had been sitting and sweating first in the big bed, then in the living room, then on the porch, then back in the living room. I swear, right before he got home I was trying to figure out how we could all lay with our heads down on the tile in the bathroom.

After he got home I went for a walk with baby N and let the dark and the crickets lull her to sleep. She loves flying insects and we saw a moth under a neighbors (working) porch light and she went nuts. She calls all flying creatures 'pitterfies' but it made me think that a nice flying dragonfly might be just the thing to add to her above-the-changing-table menagerie.

I saw these at the Crafter's Flea Market and got busy and didn't get back to buy one or seventeen. Imagine a whole tree filled with these? ahh...

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