Thursday, August 23, 2007

new stuff today!

We got in some octopi today. That's the plural of octopus. We got in a whole bag of shiny brass octi that are sooooo cool. I want to make one with some labradorite drops off the tentacles. Or maybe pearls.

These babies are all over the place at Fred Flair and at Day-Lab, too.

You can make yours any color you like, just use a bit of Krylon spray paint in three thin coats and then seal it with Clear in two thin coats. Let dry 24 hours. Attach it to chain and voila, tres chic in a deep sea way.

We also got in some of these large spools of French Baker's Twine. Use it to tie up gifts, or wrap home made cookies in wax paper and tie them up with a bit of this. For extra credit, leave the cookies on my porch. Ha, just kidding. Not really.