Tuesday, August 28, 2007

shh, it's a secret!

This is a detail of a project that may make it into the book. It doesn't fit, visually, probably, maybe. But I do love it. I have worn it and may even make an extra to enjoy while the original languishes in my editor's office. I hope the necklace doesn't take it personally if it doesn't make the cut.

I am teaching a class on Friday with a project that will most likely be in the book. I am going to use the poor folks in the class as guinea pigs. They will hopefully have fun. I will be serving them wine and snacks, too, to help make up for the inevitable mistakes. Although I am generally pretty confident as a teacher, I get kinda weirded out when I write down the directions. I should confess that I generally NEVER read directions. I do look a pictures and diagrams. I will carefully study a piece of jewelry to replicate it if I am interested. But I don't read the directions. Somehow they make my brain shut down. Oops. I hope Valerie from Lark isn't reading this. Valerie, if you are reading this please note that while my brain shuts down READING directions, it doesn't totally shut down while WRITING them. Really.