Friday, August 15, 2008

Crazy Earring Contest-VOTE

We have a weekly early-morning event at Panopolie. We open at 8:30 and have coffee and breakfast treats and some of our dedicated and busy customers come in and bead every week. Three of the 'regulars' decided to have a contest to see who could create the Worst Giant Earrings. These three worked on their designs for a month and kept the details secret from each other. There was much trash talking about who would have the 'best' Worst Earrings. When the big show down occurred this Friday we really could not choose. How do you choose between Light and Bright, Ready for a Party and Two for One? Can you? Vote for your favorite by leaving a comment on this blog and I will give the winner a big, very appropriate gift.

Light and Bright - these are just the accessories to wear to any occasion where you want to make sure folks look at your face. The glow of the neon foam will illuminate you. This artist said she was going to wear these all day after the unveiling so if you were in line behind her at the grocery store, well, now you know why she had those earrings on. Please pay special attention to the construction method on these earrings, they sport sterling plated jump rings and some very nice color matching. Read this entry as a fantasy of color and light, pointing out the joy we miss in our day to day interactions. I can tell you that when these earrings are worn, people smile.

Ready for a Party - note the artist's use of kitchen cabinet ingredients including the Excedrin nicely sealed in resin (Amazing Glaze, I believe.) The pain relievers taunt the wearer, as they will be needed if after sporting these heavy earrings but are forever unavailable, sealed in resin. The artist offers a second solution in that the bottle openers do still work, so a liquid 'pain reliever' could be utilized. The wire wrapping on these is also top notch. Oh, the artist would want me to point out that she made that pendant from metal clay and so clearly knows better than these earrings would suggest. I found this entry to be a wry commentary on the stresses faced by the the modern woman and her beer of choice.

Two for One - this artist took apart the idea of earrings as individuals and created a Earring/Necklace that requires a commitment from the wearer. Or at least a commitment from the wearer's earlobes as those lobes will be stretched out after a brief wearing. The piece is weighty both in form and actual weight. Note the mix of hand made beads (made by the artist!) and ethnographic elements in this piece for a clever commentary on globalization and fashion.

So, vote already. Leave me a comment telling me which pair is your favorite. Vote early and often, this contest is clearly rigged. Tell all your friends. Don't tell these three, they think I won't actually post this.

Oh, and if you are up early on Fridays, why aren't you here at Panopolie for Breakfast and Beads? There is a seat at our work table waiting for you...I'll pour you a cup of coffee.