Sunday, September 07, 2008

Lost Items and Super Powers

I lose things.

Generally, these things are just misplaced, not permanently lost. I find them later, in the bottom of a pocket, sometimes stashed in one of my zippy bags or even just floating around a tote bag with the Rhodia pad and spare shoes and smooshed granola bars. Once I found a bracelet I was sure had been lost for years in a zippy bag that held colored pencils and small dollies. Beads, phone messages, car keys, all these things get lost and found on a daily basis in my life. That is my superpower, I can lose things in just seconds. The weird thing is that I am also good at finding things, even when I did not, myself, loose them. So maybe my superpower is short term lost-and-found.

These glasses are lost. I got them earlier this year, it had been a couple of years since I had gotten a new pair. I went to visit my personal eyeglass stylist and good friend Elizabeth at Vision Park and she hooked me up with these. They have a groovy wood grain on the front and this teal color on the inside. I wouldn't have picked them myself, but that's the thing with Elizabeth, she suggests a pair you wouldn't usually try and they look great. The glasses made my eyes look really green and the color went with everything. That is her superpower - picking out glasses.

I think I really, really lost these glasses. I toughed it out for a while with an old pair that wasn't the correct prescription. I searched inside every jacket pocket and behind every end table. I looked around the entire house, the office, both stores, even the walk from home to the shop. No glasses. If you see them, don't let me know.* I have already seen Elizabeth again and am quite happy, now, with the replacements.

*I am just kidding, seriously, I would love to see them again. Just in case the 'old' ones show up I choose another pair for the replacements and I love them. Elizabeth tried to talk me into just getting the wood and teal ones again, but I know as soon as I do that I will find them behind the book shelf or in my sock drawer.