Thursday, September 04, 2008

Steampunk in Beadwork!

There is a fab article on Steampunk in the newest Beadwork magazine. Melanie of Earthenwood Studios wrote the article and it features some of her lovely projects. We are listed as a supplier of steampunk style, which makes me smile. Until a year or so ago I didn't know I was steampunk-y. All this time I just thought I liked filigree and old gears and weird machines and full skirts. Kinda funny, for an old lady like me.

Melanie is a talented bead and charm maker. She has the project above featured on her studio blog. She uses our nifty tiny hinged box to fabulous effect. I like to use these boxes with mica and paper, but this idea got me thinking of stone inserts. Seeing it also reminded me to place an order for her fab charms. I am going to try to sweet talk her into sending it out ASAP, I will let you know when they get in. If you can't wait or aren't nearby please visit her etsy store and see more.

(I nicked the above photo from Melanie and hope she won't be mad. I think I will have to send her a goodie box of do-dads to make it up to her. If you are reading this, Melanie, feel free to nick a photo from me to retaliate if you wish!)