Tuesday, September 09, 2008

ICE resin and casting fun

I played around with the new ICE resin we just got in from Susan Lenart Kazmer. I love this stuff, it is so crystal clear and easy to use. It even washes off your hands easily. I made some molds using a two-part silicone molding compound and molded a tiny baby doll and some other objects. I tried coloring the resin with some pigments, too, and was pleased with the way the pigments mixed in so smoothly.

The two bezels are also from Susan Lenart Kazmer. I filled them with watch parts.

Right now I have some leaves drying and will try coating them with resin...mmm...I think I will pretty much resinate anything that stands still!

Look for some tutorials on how to use resin with hollow forms and for casting later this week. The ICE resin is available at Panopolie and Ornamentea today and will be at Ornamentea.com later this week. The bezels are coming to both stores by the end of the week and on line next week. I gotta go look for a tiny plastic deer to cast, I have an idea for some earrings.