Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Do you have an old pair of eyeglasses hanging around?

I save things. Sometimes I need them later, sometimes I find a good home for them. I hate to throw something out if I think it can be reused.

If you have some old prescription eyeglasses that you aren't using anymore you can donate them to the Lion's Club 'Gift of Sight' program through the good folks at Vision Park. They work with the Durham Tech opticianry students to clean, adjust and classify the glasses before passing them on to folks who need them. You can drop your glasses off at either of the stores or at Vision Park and know that those glasses will help someone see better instead of cluttering your drawer. We're going to clean out the lost-and-found at the stores, you may want to ask at your church or work place.

Are you not here in Raleigh? Visit The Lion's Club and find out where you can donate your glasses. This is an on-going program, there is no deadline to help people see better.