Monday, December 08, 2008

Lisa Daly glass this weekend!

Come to the Lisa Daly trunk show this weekend at Ornamentea and you can see the devil. Well, if the devil is a one inch high glass bead guy with extra flaming beads on the side that is. There will also be aliens, space-invadery guys and even some monkeys. Lisa's beads have a sense of humor without being dumb. The devil actually looks a teeny bit dangerous and the flame companion beads might be just the thing for that rock-n-roll gurl on your list. Or skateboarder-turned-dad.

I will be teaching another Friday night Artisan Workshop where we'll focus on working with lampwork beads. I will show off a few low-tech silversmithing techniques for highlighting Art beads of all kinds and can help you create your own design. Registration is $10 and your fee includes wine and noshes and some play time with the torches. Call Ornamentea today to register, 919-834-6260.

Now I am off to use that bead in the picture. Not all Lisa's beads are figural, she also makes luminous pretties like the one shown. That noise you hear is me pounding out a special cuff bracelet to highlight the shine on that bead. See you Friday.

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