Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Patti Digh Reading at Panopolie

I know you remember me talking about this fabulous book, Life Is A Verb, and the equally wonderful author Patti Digh when she first came to Panopolie to read from her book. I am so excited to announce that she's coming back in December to do another reading. I have given this book to so many friends and family who treasure it as I do, both for Patti's stories and the amazing artwork contained within the pages. At the last reading Patti went beyond the selections, giving us some background to each essay, plus a few new stories. We all laughed and cried.

This would be a great event to attend with a girlfriend, mom or sister. We'll have refreshments, maybe even fudge.

Saturday, December 12th
author reception 5:45
author reading 6:15