Friday, January 08, 2010

Snowy Day!

Dear Reader-
This blog, my stores and my home are all located in the South. Raleigh, North Carolina to be exact. This means we must at all times be prepared for severe winter weather, extreme snow conditions and the resulting cabin fever. I have taken steps to make sure my family will not suffer if we are trapped for extended periods in our home; we have a good stock of pantry staples on hand, bottled water, plenty of warm blankets and lots of craft materials to keep us all busy.
Thank goodness I am prepared. The National Weather Service predicted a possible 1/2" of snow this morning; last night school was put on an immediate 2-hour delay. The morning dawned with absolutely no snow or ice or even a stray hailstone. Did I mention it was 33 degrees outside? Yeah.

BUT luckily I had the materials ready to help my family through the agony of two hours of cabin fever. We made pancakes. We read a book. Then, we Decopatched some letters. While I am a fan of the Aquapro Glue Varnish in this case we just used plain old Mod Podge. The letter won't be outside or exposed to much wear-and-tear, humidity or touching.

Cleo tore the Decopatch paper up onto small pieces and then applied Mod Podge using a brush or her fingers. She smoothed the paper nicely around the paper mache letter.

Cleo is seven, and her letter turned out quite lovely. Her younger sister is three and she could have done this project as well, but Nora is quite finicky about getting her hands sticky. Cleo shares my love of textures, even goopy, sticky, gluey ones! Nora provided lots of advice and offered wet towels about every two minutes.

The project was finished just in time to get dressed for school. I hope you are enjoying your snowy days!

All materials and supplies are available on line here. The paper mache letters are not listed on our website, but you can contact the store and we are happy to ship any letters or words to you. Good luck on your next snow day.