Thursday, June 02, 2011

How To Make Waterproof Paper Pennants Using Decopatch Papers

Are you making pennants for an outdoor party or event? Do you just want your paper pennants to last a bit longer than a day or two?

We like mixing fade-resistant Decopatch papers to create a set of fun pennants that will last for ages.

Making custom pennants is a great way to carry through a theme or decorative color scheme in your party, but these pennants can also be hung around a bedroom for a bit of whimsy. Making pennants is simple, you'll just need a few tools and some Decopatch papers and varnish.

You'll need: an Ex-acto knife or other paper cutter, a cutting mat, a ruler or straight edge and some plastic to work on when you get out the varnish.

For all the details, watch our quick how-to video shot in the dawn of You-Tube (back in 2011!)
You can watch the video of how to make these paper pennants below, but please be nice and don't tell us the picture is blurry. That was a first-generation iPhone.

Decopatch papers in a pretty mix for this project are right here.
The waterproof varnish can be found here.

Don't forget to try one of the Decopatch brushes, they really do make the project go faster!

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