Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Uncomfortably close...or why we need new chairs

We currently have a 1940's cut-velvet love seat in our store that is very sweet. The idea is that we have a great space for friends to sit while their crafter shops.

The love seat gets occupied most often by men ('tis true!) and as happens quite often they don't know each other. The way the two men will sit next to each other-so uncomfortable!- is comical.

We decided a long time ago to replace the love seat with two chairs. I have a pair of chairs in my mind that would be perfect. Vintage, of course, and upholstered in easy-to-clean vinyl or a bit of worn upholstery. I'd prefer orange.

Am I asking too much?

Maybe, I can find chairs similar to what I want but they are all very, very expensive. Come on, crafty people! Surely someone out there has an auntie who needs to clean out that spare room?

This is our current love seat. Yes, it's for sale, $250. Almost perfect condition, by the way!

this is a close up (sorry it doesn't seem to be in focus!) of the upholstery

this is what I'd like, but old and worn and a bit less perfect...and two would be good!

 I'd even take this one...

 Or this one...

Can you please check your aunt's attic? Tell her I have some great beads to trade!

we sold the love seat! congrats to Melissa from Texas...now how are you gonna fit that on the plane?