Thursday, October 20, 2011

Holiday blues...

I'm busy finalizing our activities for the holidays this week.
It pains me to write that. Not because I don't love the activities we have planned, but because, for Pete's sake, it's not even HALLOWEEN.

and as a retailer, let me just say that I am running REALLY late.

Out here in retail-land we are supposed to be all done and planned out for the BIG holiday season by about, oh, March.
I can't bear to do that.

We wait. We do think about things. And we place some orders early. And we have that Handmade Holiday event in October but still, I am really not so eager to decide on party refreshments for December RIGHT NOW.

Oh well, I am going to just crank down the A/C and pretend it's all Dicken's Christmassy out there...

And if you want to know what we have planned for Thanksgiving weekend, well, check out the classes page...look for the pink horse, and the stamped pendants, and a snowman or two!

Oh, and although I'm all Shop Local I do love Nordstrom's for this window decal:

image taken without any permission whatsoever from the Consumerist go read them!